Approval, Please

The freshman Union Committee is still without a charter. Though the Student Council adopted a Constitution for the group in March, Dean Leighton has not yet given his final okay. According to present plans he will report to the Council next week on the draft that was submitted to him by the Freshman Affairs Committee.

Under this proposed Constitution members of the Union Committee would be elected from dormitory units. At present the body is selected by the Dean's office in cooperation with Yard proctors. Candidate nominations for the elected committee would be made by student after a series of proctor-conducted meetings during the first four weeks of the fall term. Thus the entire success of these elections would depend on the work of the proctors and the interest of the students in each entry. The elective plan would give freshmen control of their own affairs, plus representation on the Council at the beginning of their first year. With this system, classes would no longer have to wait until their sophomore year to take part in student government.

Admittedly this constitution is not perfect as it stands. After next year's operations show up any defects, the plan can be overhauled. If Dean Leighton intends to request that changes be made before he give his approval, however, he should do so now. Much of the constitution's success will depend on proper preparation, and no arrangements can be made until the official stand is known. With the cooperation of the Dean's office, the Council will be able to set up the mechanics of the plan and brief incoming freshmen on how elections will be conducted.. Well-run proctoral meetings and an informed entering class can make the new constitution success.