'54 Soccer Team Ties UConn, 1-1 On Freakish Goal

Connecticut's freshman soccer team fullback kicked the Yardling soccer team's only goal to deadlock yesterday's game on the Business School Field, 1 to 1. Center forward Hank Kennedy dribbled down half the field for the Uconn score.

Juan Rodriguez was officially credited with the only freshman goal. He was the last Yardling to kick the ball when the Connecticut fullback, in an attempt to pass the ball to his goalie, misjudged the strong wind and kicked too high.

Two five minute overtime periods failed to produce a score by either side.

The lineups:

Harvard: Anderson, g., Rogers, r.f.b., Buttrick, l.f.b., Willet, r.h.b., Dean, c.h.b., Amstrong, l.h.b., Joyce, r.o., Beer, r.i., Rodriguez, e.f., Vollonwelder, l.i., Loeb, l.o.

Connecticut: Kohier, g., Ficken, r.f.b., Rutherford, l.f.b., Emerson, r.h.b., Eykelhoff, c.h.b., Varalai, l.h.b., Waterman, r.o., Branna, r.i., Kennedy, c.f., Calderia, l.i., McKeo, l.o.