Salzburg Now Operating on All-Year Basis

The Salzburg Seminar in American Studies--Harvard undergraduate sponsored school for European students--has been completely reorganized and is now incorporated and operating on an all-year basis C. Leonard Gordon '51, Seminar publicity director, revealed yesterday.

One feature of the new seminar is the incorporation scheme, which allows it to receive money donations directly on a tax-exempt charity basis. Before it was a corporation, the Seminar had to route its contributions through the World Student Service Fund in New York.

The reorganized Seminar is operating on a 12-month schedule, following a decision made after last winter's trial term. Previously the school hold its sessions only during the summer, but the demand on the part of European students who wanted to study at Salzburg was so great as to call for a year-round program.

Six to One

At present the Seminar has about six applicants for every place available at the western-Austria school in advanced American studies.

Members of the new Salzburg corporation are all Harvard professors and alumni. They are Dexter Perkins '09, professor at Rochester University, president; Richard D. Campbell Jr, '48, Herbert P. Gleason '50, Clyde K. M. Kluckhohn, professor of Anthropology; Florence R. Kluckhohn, lecturer on Sociology; and Wassily W. Leontief, professor of Economics.

Executive Director of the seminar will be Frederick P. Muhlhauser '20. Shepard Brooks '36 is European director, while Gleason and Richard Lewis, former English teacher at Benuington College, will be assistant European directors.