Brown-Eyed, Brownette, Beautiful Lois Ebeling Is Miss "Cliffe of '54

Cute brown-eyed brunette Lois Love Ebeling of Philadelphia and 20 Walker street, Radcliffe, was elected Miss Radcliffe of '54 yesterday by a group of wide-eyed CRIMSON editors.

Beauty scouts haunted the Monday and Wednesday ten dances at Phillips Brooks House searching for their ideal Cliffe freshman. Nominees were asked to return for the Friday affair.

After four close Latter were held on the field of 14 candidates, Miss Ebeling emerged the grand winner, winning an opportunity for local modeling work as well as a guarantee of endless fall phone calls. She admitted her nervousness during the preliminaries, but acted even more nervous after the election, murmuring. "I can't believe it."

Account on Beauty

Miss Ebeling, who will be 18 on Columbus Day, is 5 feet, 3 1/2 inches and 132 pounds of Social Relations concentrator. As an added attraction to her other obvious talents, she posses a twinge of southern accent which she picked up while spending the early years of World War II with her family in Texas. Her accent comes to the fore when she is excited. It came to the fore often last night.

As far as vital statistics are concerned, Miss Ebeling would only admit that she was "a size 14."

Unlucky Thirteen

The other 13 lovelies, mythical princesses of Miss Ebeling's court, all scored well in the balloting.

They were:

Susanne R. Robins, Louise Elkins, Natalie J. Peterson, Suzanne Chappell, Phyllis C. Fritchey, Linette Peter, Janice Farrar, Rachael Smith, Barbara J. Robohm, Sheila Malone, Ann Burkett, Ann Barrnes, and Ellizabeth Battle.

On hand to greet the winner and to offer her congratulations was Holen Clark. Miss Radcliffe '51.