Cheerleaders Prepare for Big Tilt

Below: The cheerleaders meet after practice to discuss rally plans. Left to right are: Winslow R. Briggs '51, P. Michael Mabry '53, George J. Chase '52, Christopher May '51, Maurice H. Richardson '52, Bernard Levine '52, Roger L. Butler '51 David Cabot '53. Of these eight men and David L. Smith '51 (not pictured), seven work at each game and two are substitutes.

Right: Briggs limbers up on the trampoline, a canvas net stretched tight by many springs.

Above: Ropes moving on pulleys along parallel steel cables support Butler when he lands wrong side up or loses balance when practicing a new gyration.

Above left: Butler does a practice back flip with Briggs assisting. Frederick A. Webster '35 is holding ropes which will support Butler if he lands wrong. Webster has made his outdoor gym and equipment available to the cheerleaders for several afternoons each week this year.

Left: The same flip is practiced at a session in the stadium later in the week.

Above left: Butler and Mabry do a shoulder stand. The climax shown here is easy; getting up and balancing is harder.

Left: Butler drives through the scissors made by Mabry, who is supported by Briggs. After he clears the scissors in this stunt Butler does a somersault in midair and lands on his feet. session. During games this stunt is perhaps the most frequent because, not taking much space or time, it can be done at the end of cheers.

Above: Butler does this flip off the wall several times at each practice

Right: smith does a handstand on two standard megaphones.