Four House Football Squads Triumph Over Yale Colleges

Eliot Takes Championship

Eliot defeated Yale's Berkeley College at Soldiers Field yesterday to take the Harvard-Yale intra-mural football championship. In other House-College games yesterday, four Harvard teams won, three lost, and one tied.

In the championship game, Eliot marched over Berkeley easily throughout the first half. Berkeley suffered during this period because their co-captains and coaches, Sandy Sulger and Frank Dufresne, were late arriving at the field.

Charlie Cabot started the touchdown parade with a 20 yard pass to end Major Close. This placed the Elephants on the Mitres' 20. John MacNamara and Charlie Cabot teamed up to put the Elephants on the 13. Then MacNamara scored on an end run and Dick Heintz converted.

In the second quarter, Charlie Cabot intercepted a Berkeley pass. Fred Rhinelander ran 60 yards to the Mitres' 20 and, Charlie Cabot broke through on a quarterback sneak for the touchdown. Dick Heintz booted the point again.

Near the end of the quarter, the Elephants drove down the field; John MacNamara took the ball off guard to score again. Heintz converted making it 21 to 0.

The Elephants's final score came in the last quarter, following a 70 yard drive. John MacNamara went into the end zone on a quarterback sneak. The Mitres made a last minute attempt when Sandy Sulger ran off sizable gains with seconds to play but could not get beyond the Elephant 30.

Pierson 3, Lowell 0

Pierson, with 10 seconds remaining in the game, kicked a field goal from Lowell's 20 yard line to defeat a Bellboy team that outplayed the Slaves throughout the contest.

The Slaves attempted the field goal after Lowell played out its four downs in its own 25, but the kick was blocked. In offside penalty on the Bellboys gave Pierson another try from the 29. This time Pete VanDoren's boot went through the uprights.

Winthrop 12, Davenport 0

Captain Dave Nathan's Winthrop football team played alert football yesterday afternoon to defeat Davenport, 12 to 0. Dick Manning scored in the opening minutes of the game on an 80 yard off tackle smash, and Walt Greeley passed to Jim Fykoff for the extra point. Frank Hernberg passed to John deSaint Phalle for the final score.

Kirkland 6, Calhoun 0

Tailback John Tangen opened the first period by giving Kirkland its only touchdown on a 60 yard run through the line behind good blocking. The Deacons issued their conversion kick.

In the third quarter, Kirkland made the only scoring bid, but was stopped by Colhoun on the 10 yard line. Calhoun did not penetrate past its opponents' yard line throughout the game.

Leverett 12, Timothy Dwight 7

Gerry Gallo, in the opening minutes of the first quarter scored for Leverett on a 70 yard run through the center of the line. In the second period Gallo scored again after a series of passes and end runs brought the Bunnies to the Prexies' yard line.

Timothy Dwight opened the third quarter with a fast offensive. Bob Fiske, Tom Ross, and Bill Baskin drove from their own 30 to the Leverett six, with Fiske going over for the score and Baskin taking the point on an end run.

Branford 6, Dunster 0

Yale's second-place college squad defeated sixth place Dunster House on a last period line plunge by Captain Ace Hardeur.

The Funsters, unable to gain against Towermen, punted. Branford then moved the ball to the Dunster four and Gardeur plunged off tackle to score. Ester John Weium blocked the conversion.

Saybrook 7, Adams 0

Saybrook and Adams battled out the first half with neither team advancing past the opponents 25 yard line. But in the third quarter the Seals marched 60 yards for the only offensive break of the game, when the passing combination of Frank Costelli to Bill Lowry brought the ball to the Gold Coasters' 30 yard line. Lowry then went over for the score on an end run.

Dudley 0, Silliman 0

Dudley and Silliman, teams which have lost all other games during the season, fought to a scoreless tie yesterday. Dudley made three concerted efforts to score, while Silliman failed to threaten once. Two passers, Dave Mahoney for the Commuters and John Goldsmith for Silliman, stood out for their long throws.