2 Crimson Men Make Indians' Honor Squad

Bill Rosenau and Phil Isenberg were selected for Dartmouth's all-opponent offensive and defensive platoons, made publie yesetrday by the Big Green players.

Teaming with Resenau at guard on offense is Bernie Lemonick, Pen. The tackles are Al Wehl (Michigan) and Walt Clmens (Yale); the ends, Don McLean (Columbia) and Vic Pujo (Cornel); center, John Pierik (Cornell). In the back field are Princeton's Dick Kazmater, Penn's Reds Bagnell, Yale's Bob Spears, and Larchmont Dixi Doyne, of Lehigh.

The rest of the defensive squad is Ed Bell (Penn), Hollie Donan (Prince), Lemonick, Gerry Audet, (Col), Tom Johnsoen (Mich), Herb Agocs (Penn), Speare, Bill Kirk (Cor), Lowel Perry (Mich), and Doyne.