HYP Hits U.S. Backing Of Korean 'Fascists'

The Harvard Young Progressives stated yesterday that American troops were devastating Korea to support a "fascist regime," and had no business there in the first place. This reaffirmed the stand taken by the H.Y.P. last September when Chairman Lowell P. Beveridge '52 advocated immediate withdrawal of all United States forces in Korea.

Declaring that China's Communist government is the true government, Joseph R. Cataldo '53, acting chairman of the H.Y.P., felt that Peiping should be granted a seat in the United Nations. He also stated that the U.N. should settle the Formosa question as soon as the Chinese Communists had been seated. Although this would be a concession, he stated that the United States should do anything necessary to preserve peace.

The H.Y.P. is against all military preparation, including Universal Military Service, because "American youth should prepare for peace, not war," Cataldo said.