Football Here To Stay, Says Provost Buck

Strong affirmation by Provost Buck of the College's intercollegiate football policy appeared in the latest issue of the Alumni Bulletin, published this morning.

"We shall continue to play the game of football," Buck said. "We are not going the read of Chicago." The Provost emphasized that his statement was a personal view and was in no way connected with the official report on football that he submitted to the Corporation February 7.

Five other points which Buck made in answer to alumni questions were:

1) We hall look upon Yale as our traditional rival, followed in importance by Princeton and then by other teams comparable to us in educational standards and athletic strength.

2) We shall continue to seek our fair share of victories in competition with these and other natural rivals.

3) We shall not over schedule. In other words, we shall have a schedule commensurate with our material and that of our opponents.

4) We want athletes at the College because we believe in a balanced student body,. Such men contribute to Harvard life. We shall seek them by legitimate means. They will be given the same opportunities for jobs and salaries as other students.