Grad Drowns as Canoe Overturns

William F. Prescott '49, a former Lowell House resident, drowned late Saturday afternoon when a light sailing canoe containing Prescott and George C. Lodge '50 capsized off Beverly Cove. Lodge was rescued by his brother Henry S. Lodge '52 after spending a half-hour in the freezing water.

A large wave swept over the canoe and threw the two sailors into the water as Senator Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr. '24, Mrs. Lodge, and the younger brother looked on from shore.

Wind Hinders Rescuer

Immediately upon seeing the accident Henry launched a small rowboat, but the rising wind hindered his progress in covering the 100 yards to the overturned boat. Both Lodge and Prescott at first tried to swim to shore, but as his father shouted to him George returned to the canoe, trying to support Prescott. The water finally separated the two, and Prescott went under.