Wisconsin SDA To Launch Crusade Against McCarthy

MADISON, Wis., April 17--The University of Wisconsin chapter of the Students for Democratic Action is setting up machinery for a campaign to initiate the recall of Senator Joseph R. McCarthy (R. Wis.). The SDA has said it thinks the move necessary because of the "irreparable damage he (McCarthy) has done to the United States foreign policy in his attack on the state department and the people associated with it."

Over the spring recess that ended today, 150 students canvassed their home towns, asking citizens to handle petitions for them. Designation of the official start of the campaign has not yet been made, because the required 316,535 signatures must be secured over a 60-day period and the organization wants to be sure it can make maximum use of the allotted time.

A Coalition

The SDA, aided by about six Young Republicans, sent out more than 1,000 letters to community leaders in non-metropolitan areas last week seeking their support. The organization intends to contact metropolitan officials personally.

The only thing bothering the students is the constitutionality of the move. The U.S. Senate parliamentarian recently announced that since Senators are federal, not state, officers, recall by a state is unconstitutional.