Strong Middlesex Ten Tramples Freshman Lacrosse Team, 12-3

Middlesex had too much power for the freshman lacrosse team yesterday, and the Red and White had an easy time beating the Yardings, 12 to 3, at Concord. The freshmen play Lowell Textile on the Business School field at 3:45 p.m. today.

Fast Middlesex passing and hard checking, plus a sub-par performance by the Crimson midfield, combined to give the prep schoolers a 4 to 0 first period lead.

Four more Middlesex goals in the second period put the Yardlings hopelessly out of the contest. The freshmen couldn't score until the last minute of the half, when Don Stewart countered on a pass from Gus Palacios.

Paced by hard-driving midfielder Fred Horween and Captain Jack Taylor at attack, the Middlesexers added three tallies in the last half to complete the rout. The only bright spots for the Yardlings were goals by Pete Franklin and Stewart. The latter, a picture play, came on another pass from Palacios.

Horween Stars

Horween, nephew of former Crimson football star and coach Arnold Horween, played the outstanding game for the Red and White. His stickhandling was clean, his checking hard, and his shooting accurate. He opened the scoring for Middlesex and added another goal in the third period.

The Yardlings couldn't seem to get started. They took only one shot during the first period. The passing was sloppy, and neither midfielders nor forwards could keep the ball in their sticks. Defensively, the whole team was weak, especially the midfielders. Only Captain Rog Martin and big Ted Sexton played close to their usual games.

His Middlesex teammates gave goalie Ron Farnsworth almost airtight protection.