Alumni Parade in Pregame Festivities at Soldiers Field

Mayor Edward R. Crane '35 rides into Soldiers Field with his class yesterday, in the annual alumni pre-game festivities.

Dominating the parade, which included classes ranging up from 1900, was 1925, which scorned frills to appear with white caps and a band. At the other extreme was the Class of 47, with a Brink's truck and signs reading "22 years and $99,000 to go."

1940 produced its own brewery wagon for the parade, drawn by a pair of dray horses and followed by a brace of Yale men carrying one shovel and one garbage can respectively. Other classes wielded canes, fans, and long white beards.

1925's white hats were omnipresent, however, with an estimated 400 members of the class marching. Keynoting '25's trooping was its red and white slogan banner "Life Begins in Fifty."

Greeting the members of the Class of 1900 was a bloc of wives in the grandstand, equipped with class-numeraled fans.