'Buckley of Yale'

Reprinted a few inches to the right of this editorials is the text of a broadcast by William F. Buckley, Jr., chairman of last year's Yale Daily News. It is running in a column usually reserved for proof-reading mistakes, errors in grammar, and news stories missing a last paragraph. It belongs there.

Mr. Buckley's broadcast is running as a Crime because it manages to advocates, in a compact 15 minutes, most of the bad things that could happen to American education. It calmly calls for student indoctrination, one-sided curricula, and alumni regulation of what a University may teach, all carefully wrapped up as a "responsibility to guide students."

What makes Buckley's broadcast a lot less funny than the proof-reading mistakes or misplaced slug's is that its sponsors claim they have received more than 18,000 requests for reprints. A director of Kalamazoo College has requested copies for the College's Trustees. The "Editorial Director" of the broadcast's sponsoring organization says "Buckley may be leading an educational crusade." If so, he is leading it straight downhill.