10 Friends Donate Blood to Aid Sick Yard Policeman

Friendship among University employees proved strong recently when eight men contributed a pint of blood each to George H. DePinto, 15-year-old patrolman of the University police force who is recovering from a lung operation, performed Tuesday, September 5, at the Mount Aubura Hospital.

Those who gave blood were James Cogan, Superintendent of Adams House, George Leighton, Superintendent of Holmes Hall, Robert McCarthy, patrolman of the University police force, Charles McDonald, a buildings and grounds worker, Gerald O'Sullivan, a maintenance man, and James Babcock, a boss carpenter in the employ of the University, who gave his 31st donation of blood. Two other University workers also contributed.

Mrs. DePinto, who is supervisor of the Dunster House Dining Room, explained last night that her husband was taken to the hospital after complaining of a pain in his chest while at work, September 5.