MacLeish to Give Course on Poetry Starting Tuesday

Archibald MacLeish, Boylston Professor of Rhetoric and Oratory, will present a new full course this year entitles "An Approach to Poetry."

The new fall catalogue, which appeared for the first time on Tuesday, describes this addition to the curriculum as "an opportunity for an intensive study of a limited number of texts considered not in their historical perspective but as illustrative of the age and experience of poetry."

A similar course was given by the late F. O. Matthiessen, professor of History and Literature. The English Department recently made a survey of the courses which would be missing from the program this year because of Matthiessen's death last winter. According to Harry T. Levin, professor of English, the poetry course, pioneered by Matthiessen, was the one the Department proved to be most anxious to replace.

Logical Choice

Levin stated that the group agreed that "Professor MacLeish was far and away the most logical choice for the job of continuing to teach it."

MacLeish could not be reached yesterday to made more specific comments as to what the course would include.