North Korea No Aggressor, Leftist Clubs Say

YP, JRC Heads Won't Alter Stands; Third Group Blames Both Sides

NEW YORK, N.Y. Korean War bombardment hasn't forced the John Reed Club or Young Progressives to surrender a single inch of their beliefs.

That is the consensus of club members and officers, who agreed this week that North Korea is not an aggressor and that "America is trying to use force to back up an unpopular regime."

Lowell P. Beveridge '52, president of YPH, predicated that his group would go along with the Progressive Party and not with Wallace. "As for myself," he said, "I can't stick with Wallace's idea of my-country-right-or-wrong."

He added that trying to pin the war on someone is begging the question.

"The situation before war broke out was unstable," Beveridge stated. "There were border raids ... South Korea had a heavy armament program ... Dulles went to South Korea for the attack, and the North Koreans were uneasy.

War Was Inevitable

"War was the inevitable outcome of the situation."

He declined to say whether the Communists were as much responsible for the war as the South Koreans, since "the Russians are already being attacked too much in the papers."

The CRIMSON could not contact any John Reed Club members who were willing to give an on-the-record statement. But the group has usually been considered further left then the YP's, and according to one member will "almost certainly" agree with their attitude.

For the past year JRC has been affiliated with the Labor Youth League, which has been prominent in criticizing American imperialism and denying Russian aggression.

Here are some highlights from the interview with the Progressive's Beveridge:

Q. How about Russia's charges of American imperialism in Korea?

A. I'd compare the situation with China and Indo-China. America is trying to use force to back up an unpopuar regime.

Q. Is the South Korean government unpopular?

A. From what I gather Rhee is unpopular. The Reds appear to have support of a large part of the population.