Text of New ROTC Rulings on Enrollment Policy

The following policy pertaining to enrollment in the Air Force, Army and Navy ROTC units, Harvard University, is hereby announced. Further information may be obtained from the respective Departments.

Army and Air Force


a. Only these students who have a sufficient number of years of undergraduate study in which to complete the full four years ROTC program. Credit not to exceed the entire Basic Course may be awarded as provided in current regulations.

b. A student entering college as a freshman who, by virtue of previous military training or service, is entitled to credit for the first year, Basic Courses, but who, in the normal course of events, will complete the four years undergraduate study and graduate prior to reaching his 20th birthday, may be required to defer his enrollment in the second year, Basic Course, until the commencement of his sophomore year.

c. Initial registration of freshmen for Military Science 1, (Army) and Air Science 1 (Air Force) will not be restricted as to numbers. Through a screening process, final enrollment in each of these courses will be reduced to not to exceed 80. Selection will be accomplished in time to enable these rejected to drop the course without payment of the usual fee.


a. Undergraduate students who have completed the entire Basic Course, or so much thereof for which prior military service or previous ROTC training does not entitle them to credit.

b. With concurrence of the Dean of the Graduate School concerned, students at a Harvard University Graduates School who have completed the first year Advance Course.

c. Veterans who:

(1) Have had twelve (12) months or more of honorable active duty in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps or Coast Guard.

(2) Are in their senior year in college, (either the fourth or fifth year) in a course leading to a degree.

(3) Are not currently enrolled in this ROTC.

(4) Have not reached 28 years of age at time of enrollment may apply for enrollment in the second year, Advanced Courses, ROTC.

Under this policy, only these individuals who are considered by the Professor of Military Science and Tactics or Professor of Air Science and Tactics as being well qualified to become officers will be accepted.