Ten Trunks Rush To Adams Alarm

Ten fire trucks raced to Adams house last night to put out a fire that had happened some place else at another time.

It all began at 8 p.m. when Nelson C. Galassi '53 and Senior Tutor Joseph C. Palamountain, Jr. spotted two cushions smouldering in Adams H-11.

First they tried beating them with towels, and then doused them doused them in a nearby shower. That stopped the fire, but not the smoke, so Galassi and Palamountain threw the cusions into the courtyard.

Meanwhile, the smoke fumes were sucked into the steam tunnels, crossed Plympton Street with the prevailing currects, and appeared 20 minutes later in C-entry. Someone turned in an alarm.

Fumes from the burning cushions spread throughout many of the entries of Randolph Hall, and most of the students living in that part of Adams House left the building when the fire apparatus started to pull up outside.

Whlie about 200 students watched, Cambridge firemen sent a ladder to the roof of C-entry, turned a spotlight on the building and ran a hose through the front doorway before discovering what had happened.