The Moviegoer

At the R.K.O. Boston

There is no point in beating around the bush. "The Golden Horde" is a terrible movie and just about everything in it is terrible.

Ann Blyth plays the slutty princess of Samarkand with a dead pan and what sounds very much like a runny nose. David Farrar is an ideal match for her as he slogs stupidly through the role of Sir Guy of Devon, a Crusader even more preposterous than the Crusades themselves. Genghis Khan, one of the great leaders and tacticians of history, is portrayed as a mean, irritable, slow-witted braggart who doesn't talk too good.

The lion's share of the discredit belongs to director George Sherman, who not only kept the actors from getting off more than two sentences per minute, but also chose the cast in the first place. Nor should Gerald Drayson Adams escape lightly. We may only hope that this stilted and faltering script will be his last. Hans J. Salter's grating and ill-timed music only serves to make the tedium unbearable. The costumes are absolutely ludicrous.

In other words, unless you like movies too bad even to be laughed at, stay away.