Girls, Gamins, and Gaiety Feature Open Game

Monday dawned brisk and sunny. For some people it was a day to sleep late. For some it was a day to catch up on that back studying or to take the subway into Boston to watch the Armistice Day Parade. But for the 2000 who thronged the Stadium, watching the Open-Closed game was a perfect way to spend a holiday afternoon.

Except for the free admission, the atmosphere of the Stadium was about the game as usual. Concessionaires hawked their wares gaily dressed girls abounded and numerous small urchins clambered about underfoot. The band a little smaller than usual, marched and played with great enthusiasm. Even the electric scoreboard and the public address system were working.

From the opening kick-off the fans sensed that this would be an exciting game. The teams lacked the speed and polish of the varsity contests, but the spirit on the field and in the stands more than made up for any deficiencies.