Strong MIT Team Tops Ruggers 11-0

The Harvard rugger squad lost 11 to 0 Saturday to a powerful and experienced M.I.T. squad. Tech kicked two penalty goals, one in each of the two periods. Then in the second half, the Engineers managed to cross the Harvard line for a touchdown. From it, they kicked for the goal successfully.

Crimson hooker, Jim Hardy, injured his arm early in the game, and had to leave the field. Since rugby does not allow substitutions, the Crimson had to play one man short. Another casualty was ex-Princetonian Pete Hager. He sprained his ankle during the second half, but continued playing.

The ruggers were without most of their usual backs in Saturday's game, for the coaching staff was trying out new players in preparation for the big spring season. Outstanding among the new men was Charlie Ulrich. Now in his second year at the Medical School, he was formerly on the Princeton varsity football squad.