U. of Cal. Refuses To Reenact Oath

California University's Board of Regents voted Friday not to reconsider the two-year-old loyalty oath for all faculty members which the Board rescinded last month. Friday's vote was 12 to 5. Such action completely kills any chance of the oath being reinstituted.

The constitutionality of the oath, center of bitter controversy since its adoption in 1949, is being considered by the California Supreme Court. The Court took the case after a state appellate court had ruled in favor of 18 faculty members who had sued for reinstatement after the university had fired them because they refused to sign the oath. Up until Friday's decision the status of these faculty members depended on the Supreme Court's action, but now their reinstatement by the university is expected.

The Board determined to reconsider last month's action rescinding the oath when one member changed his vote.