Winthrop, Lowell Thefts Of $1,824 Stymie Police

Furs, Overcoats Stolen From Dining Halls; Police Expect No Break Until Thieves Pawn

Four students and two of their dates reported to Cambridge police thefts totalling over $1,824 in coats and accessories from Lowell and Winthrop dining halls Saturday night. Last night, police said that the case has them "stymied."

Stolen from Lowell House were an $800 muskrat fur coat owned by Susan Inglis, Wellesley '52, and an $800 sheared coon coat owned by Ellen Daggett, a student at the University of Minnesota. Also lost in Lowell were a $70 topcoat with an $8 pair of shoes in the pockets belonging to Robert L. Wiley '52 and a $25 topcoat owned by Lawrence D. Stifel '52.

Two Claverly residents, eating in Winthrop House, reported thefts. Robert M. Stanzler '54 lost a $30 stormcoat and David S. Fingold '54, a $70 overcoat.

Detective Lieutenant Joseph P. Breen said that three defectives, working on the case since Saturday, have uncovered nothing. "At present," he stated, "We are stymied."

Breen suspects that the thiefs were in the building for some time before attempting to lift the coats. "The only way we'll ever recover the coats is if they are turned over to a pawnshop," he said.

Stifel said that the four entered the Lowell dining hall at 6:45 p.m. and left a half hour later. He said he did not see any people waiting around.