Five From Business School Tour Europe for Secret Air Force Study

Five Business School faculty members took off from Logan Airport yesterday for a week-long tour of Europe on a secret Air Force project. They will join another group of their colleagues who have been in Europe for two weeks already. All of the men will be back in this country by Christmas.

The groups are working on an Air Force Logistics Study for the government and could not disclose the nature of their mission. The Mobilization Analysis Center did say that the men would visit air bases in Europe and England.

The five men who left yesterday are: Charles A. Bliss, professor of Business Administration; Paul W. Cherington '40, assistant professor of research in Business Administration; Gayton E. Germane, assistant professor of Business Administration; Leonard C. R. Langer, research associate of Business Administration; and Robert O. Schlaifer '39, associate professor of Business Administration.