Lowell, Adams Defeat 'A' Loop ROTC Fives

"A" basketball teams of both Lowell and Adams proved the superiority of the Houses over the ROTC teams yesterday when the Bellboys trounced the Navy, 33 to 21, and the Gold Coasters nipped the Army, 28 to 27. The Air ROTC revenged these losses, however, by defeating Dunster in the other "A" league game, 23 to 18.

Two of the four "B" league basketball games were runaways, while the other two were close affairs. Kirkland soundly beat Lowell, 37 to 19, with Bill Aldrich getting 14 points and Sam Cousins ten, and Dunster rolled over Leverett, 30 to 16. Dudley outscored Winthrop, 30 to 24, and Adams squeezed by Eliot, 33 to 32.

In the only hockey game of the day Dudley shut out Dunster, 6 to 0. Commuter goals were scored by Don Anderson, Hugh Graham, Sid Gould, Dick Coan, Charley Sullivan, and Bob Whoriskey.