Cancer Gets Bulk of Charities Drive Funds

More funds from the Combined Charities Drive went to the Damon Runyon Cancer Fund and the American Cancer Society than any other charity, David L. Stark '54, of the Student Council, announced last night Undergraduate donors chose to give the two groups $3,540.17.

CARE, the European relief agency, came in second with contributions to it totaling $2,649.42. It was followed at some distance by Children's Hospital, which received $1,819.05.

The remainder of the Combined Charities funds, solicited in the early fall, were distributed as follows: Phillips Brooks House, $1,262.94; National Scholarship Service and Fund for Negro Students, $1,582.22; American Friends Service Committee, $1.164.77. Boston Red Feather, $909.65; Salzburg Seminar, $905.63; and World Student Service Fund, $583.30.