Weiland Coaches '54 Hockey Today

It's not often that a freshman hockey takes over the varsity! the reverse is even more unusual. Yet varsity Coach Cooney Weiland will direct the Yardlings today when they travel to play the University of New Hampshire freshmen at Durham at 4 p.m. Crimson Coach George Roberts has been called to New York on business.

Weiland will start the line used for the first time in swamping Andover 6 to 0, which was the Yardling's last game before exams. Dick Clasby will center today with Captain Norm Wood and high-scorer Jeb Bray on the wings.

Center Jim Colt is the middleman of the second line, flanked by reconverted defenseman Ferd Horween and Hunt Collins. Jeff Coolidge and Tony Patton will fill the defense spots and Johnny Marshall will tend the nets.

The Yardlings skate into the game with five wins, one tie, and one loss. On a comparative basis the Yardlings are favored, for New Hampshire lost to Andover yesterday, 3 to 2.