Ski Team Names Houser New Head

The ski team yesterday elected John G. Houser '50 of Cleveland and Kirkland House, captain. D. Neil Dickson '54 of Utica, New York and Straus Hall was elected freshman captain. Roger F. Langley, Jr. '54 is the new freshman manager.

Houser has been with the team for three years, and skied in both the team's intercollegiate meets this winter. He runs downhill and slalom. At the Lyndenville meet this winter, Houser placed fifth in the slalom.

Dickson has been sidelined for most of the season by a shoulder injury. The new freshman captain is the top freshman cross-country man and an outstanding jumper. He took "best in the school" awards at the Northwood School last year in cross-country, downhill, and slalom.

Led by Houser, the team will head for Mount Washington, N. H. for the Yale and Dartmouth slalom meets on April 2 and 15. Team members will compete in the Webber Cup downhill race Saturday.