Plan to spend most of your afternoons in the lab if you intend to concentrate in chemistry.

The University's Chemistry Department ranks with those of M.I.T., Cal Tech, and the University of California, as one of the four finest in the country. However, there is a price to pay for this, no tutorial for honors candidates and little faculty-student contact.

Courses are given by a very able faculty. Although not interested in personal contact, the professors go out of their way to answer all questions about the material being covered.

At one time the section-men in the elementary courses--and these men form an integral part of the courses were considered the most disinterested and un-helpful group in the College. This is no longer the case as the Chemistry Department offers annual prizes to the section men voted the most interested and helpful.

Although no thesis is required, honors candidates may do research in their senior year under faculty direction. This research, which makes available all the laboratory facilities, is not required for honors.

The department is made up of world-famous scientists such as Robert B. Woodward and George G. Kistiakowsky, Lawrence Professor of Chemistry, who was head of the explosives division at Los Alamos during the war.

Harvard Chemistry Tops

Not only does the department have excellent chemists, but it also has excellent lecturers. Louis F. Fieser, Emery Professor of Chemistry, gives Chem 20, a course loaded with material, brilliantly organized and delivered at a rate which makes for easy, note-taking. Elementary Chemistry lectures are enlivened by the bouncing putty demonstrations of Eugene G. Rochow.

Leonard K. Nash '39 who gies Chemistry 2 is one of the most popular lecturers in the College. Limericks are used to explain problems, and almost all points and equations referred to in the course are amplified by demonstration.

Concentrating in chemistry, while not giving you many free afternoons, will give you a firm background in Chemistry, unsurpassed by any school in the country.