University, M.I.T. Inaguarte Joint Teachers Course

A joint Harvard-M.I.t. five-year program to train science and mathematics teachers for secondary schools will begin next September. Students completing the course will receive the Master of Arts in Teaching degree from Harvard, and Bachelor of Science in General Science from M.I.T.

Most of the undergraduate courses in the program will be given, at M.I.T., although students will be allowed to begin studying at the Harvard School of Education in their third year. During the fifth year students will teach part time at local high schools under the direction of the School of Education.

The official announcement of the program said, "At present, the production of teachers of high caliber and adequate training falls far short of the demand, particularly in the various areas of science and mathematics."

"The project is intended to help alleviate this shortage by increasing the number of able teachers" who have "breadth of outlook" and "excellence of professional training."