Gilmore To Lead Tutorial Planners

Myron P. Gilmore, associate professor of History, will head a five-man faculty committee to work out the details of the revised tutorial system called for by the Bender Report.

Provost Buck announced the appointment yesterday one month after the Faculty of Arts and Sciences went on record in favor of group tutorial in the five largest fields of concentration.

A. Chester Hanford, professor of Government, Seymour E. Harris '20 professor of Economics, George C. Homans '32, associate professor of Sociology, and Herschel C. Baker, associate professor of English, are the other committee members.

Gilmore's group will operate as a subcommittee of the 15-man Committee on Educational Policy, headed by Buck.

At yesterday's faculty meeting in University Hall, the professors discussed the issue of getting more students into the smaller fields of concentration. At present, 60 percent of the students are in one of the five large departments--Government, Social Relations, Economics, History, and English.

No vote was desired on that point or on the meeting's last topic under the Bender Report, the question of freshman advising.

The Bender Report's verdict was that the system of freshman advising needs no major change.

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