Ejecting Dissenter Repeats Old Ways

G. Jerome W. Goodman's exploit is reminiscent of a similar expose conducted two years ago of the Communist-dominated youth festival in Budapest, Hungary. At that time the Red satellites were anxious to convert the free world, and entry was far easier.

Robert S. Warshaw '48 3L attended the festival in the summer of 1949, and reported to this newspaper how American Communist sympathizers dominated the opinions of the American convention, and how dissenters were forced to leave in the same manner as Goodman.

The Boston Globe started the day yesterday with "Reds Expel Harvard Senior" as its lead headline. As a description of what had happened to Jerome W. Goodman, CRIMSON editor, who had been investigating the American delegation to the Communist World Peace Festival in East Berlin, it didn't do the situation justice. By the next edition things had been set right, and "Harvard Senior Fools Reds" was running at the top of the page. Those sentiments were unchanged for the rest of the Wednesday editions of the paper.