Net Finalists To Battle for Title Monday

Final matches in the Summer School tennis tournament will probably be played Monday, as rain yesterday delayed the completion of semi-final bouts.

A tight finish is predicted in the men's division when Xenakis, who beat Levinson Tuesday (5-3, 6-3) to establish his place in the finals, faces the winner of the rained-out Hatton-Rauh match. This due is now scheduled to play in the court at Soldiers Field at 3 p.m. today.

Greeks Singles Champ

Xenakas, singles champion of Athens, Greece, in 1946, and doubles champion of Ohio in 1947-48, is a strong contender for men's honors.

In the women's division the semi-finals are still to be played. Joan Peck will face Sally Burley and Elaine Adams is to play Issabelle Ostroff.

Scheduled for mixed doubles today are: Hatton-Peck; Sonnabend-Patterson; Levinson-Davidson.

Awards for the winners are being prepared for presentation as soon as the finals are played.