Police to Permit Parking at Night For 2 Week Term

Cambridge police will declare a two week moratorium on ticketing cars parked overnight beginning Monday, Acting Police Chief Patrick J. McCarthy said yesterday.

McCarthy said he is granting this respite so that students can unpack their cars and find parking spaces for them. But, he warns, "any cars on the streets after the two weeks will be tagged."

"If students must have cars at the University," he added, "they will have to get them off the streets and park them behind the Business School or some other parking lot." He stated that the cars parked all night could create a disaster since they would block incoming fire engines and ambulances.

The University maintains, parking spaces at Western Avenue, and at Andover. Conant, Jarvis, Perkins South, and Perkins Rear. The charge is $15 per form for resident students and $7.50 per term for commuters. The capacity at the largest of these parking lots--Western Avenue--is 950 cars. University officials say they have sufficient space to handle all student cars.