Powell Cabot New Marshal

Alumni Association Announces Nominations for Directors, Overseers, and Fund Council

Powell M. Cabot '18 has been appointed the new University Marshal, President Conant announced over the weekend. Simultaneously, the Alumni Association revealed the nominees for the Board of Overseers, Alumni Association Directorate, and Fund Council.

Cabot thus taken charge of the Commencement and other important ceremonies at the University. He replaces Dr. Raginald Fitz '06, lecturer on the History of Medicine, who has been Marshal since 1935.


The 25 nominees for overseers, five of whom will be elected for six-year terms, are Monte M. Lemann '03, Walter S. Franklin '04, Ralph Lowell '12, Frederick C. Crawford '13, Rustin McIntosh '14, Roland L. Redmond '15, Henry B. Cabot K. Meyer Kestnbaum '18, Lawrence Taylor '22, Charles E. Bohlen '27, and C. Douglas Dillon '31.

The men running for Alumni Association directorships, four of whom will be chosen for a three year term, are Phineas Henry '09, Alexader I. Henderson '13, John J. Emory '20, Thomas F. Oakes '23, John R. Toulmin '25, Milton Kats '27, John deLaittre '29, Howard F. Gillette '35, and William W. Bodine Jr. '42.

The candidates for the Fund Council, two of whom will serve for three years, are James Coggeshall Jr. '18, Oscar M. Shaw '26, Morris R. Brownell Jr. '96, Roland W. Richards '33, and James P. Baxter IV '41.

The candidates were chosen by the Association's nominating committee from more than 600 suggestions. All alumni will get ballots and the results will be announced on Commencement Day.