Swimmers Crush Weak Penn, 68-16

Continuing to look more like Yale than anyone except--unfortunately--Yale, the varsity swimming team submerged Pennsylvania in the Blockhouse Saturday night by a 68 to 16 score.

The Crimson took first place in every event down to the 400-yard relay. At this point, with the score 61-16, Hal Ulen cleared the bench to put in his fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh best sprinters. Harvard surprisingly won the event.

The heralded high-board diving duel failed to come off, when Pete Dillingham swamped Penn's Gene Clark, running up 123.3 points.

John McNamara turned in the most popular win of the evening, a very good 238 seconds in the 50, after two false starts, and Dave Hedberg contributed a good 53 seconds flat in the 100. These, however, were the only outstanding times. The rest of the meet was a travesty.

Mary Sandler took both the 220 and 440 freestyles, while Charlie Egan in the individualy medley, Don Mulvey in the backstroke, and Ralph Zani in the breast-stroke were the other Harvard winners.