Varsity Sextet Crushes Jumbos, 8-2

Clasby, Greeley Play With College Stars

Center Walt Greeley scored four goals and got two assists to carry the Crimson hockey team to an 8 to 2 victory over Tufts last night at the Arena. After leading 2 to 1 throughout most of the game, the sextet suddenly cracked the tough Jumbo defense at 5:16 of the third period, and then added three more in forty seconds later in the period.

Greeley and Dick Clasby will play tomorrow evening in the college. All-Star-U.S. Olympic game at the Garden. The two centers were the only Crimson players chosen.

After 18 scoreless minutes of the first period. Greeley opened the scoring with the first of his four consecutive goals on a long solo. He scored again, after twisting through several Tufts defensemen at 1:13 of the second period on a pass from Dusty Burke. Tufts came right back 20 seconds later when right wing Phil Regan pushed the puck past goalie Brad Richardson following a goal-mouth scramble. The remainder of the period was marked by rough play, particularly from the Harvard defensemen, and sloppy passes.

Greeley scored again at 5:16 of the third period, assisted by wings Job Bray and Jim Colt. Then Greeley scored his fourth on a pass from Hubbard, and the Tufts defense, which had been excellent until that time, fell apart. Hubbard got two goals, both on passes from Greeley and wing George Chase, at 12:25 and 12:41. Tufts goalie Dick Harvey retired from the game and was replaced by Hal Taylor.

The Jumbos scored their second goal at 14:28. Center Al Power's second rebound was fallen on by defenseman Tony Patton. Patton was unable to check his forward motion, however, and slid into the goal, giving Tufts the score.

Sophomore center Clasby, who had tried several shots, finally scored after skating around the Tufts defense. Colt scored the last goal late in the period after taking a pass from center Norm Wood.

First period, Scoring: Greeley (H) 18:25. Second period, Scoring: Greeley (H), (Burke), 1:81; Regan (T) (Power) 1:32. Third period, Scoring: Greeley (H) (Bray, Colt), 5:16; Greeley (H) (Hubbard) 12:01; Hubbard (H) (Greeley, Chase) 12:25; Hubbard (H) (Greeley, Chase) 12:41; Power (T) (Regan) 14:28; Clasby (H) 16:33; Colt (H) (Wood) 8:14.