4 Experts to Argue Israel's Future at Law Forum Tonight

Moving into its second session tonight, the Law School Forum will discuss the question: "Can Israel Survive?" The meeting will be at 8:30 p.m. in the Rindge Tech High School auditorium.

Dorothy Thompson, syndicated newspaper columnist and author, and Feres Malouf, Boston attorney, will take the negative. Miss Thompson has recently returned from a trip through Israel, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Iran. She is the president and initiator of the American Friends of the Middle East, Inc.

Arguing the affirmative will be Bartley Crum, a New York lawyer who was a member of the Anglo American Committee on Inquiry of Palestine and is the former owner of PM newspaper, and Rev. Karl Baehr, executive secretary of the American Christian Palestine Committee. They are replacing Israeli Ambassador Aubrey S. Eben who cancelled his engagement.

Attorney Feres Malouf will discuss the growth of New East nationalism--and its consequences on the Western lineup of allies.