Gov't. Fellow Hits Council's Charity Vote

A teaching fellow in Government yesterday charged the Student Council with irresponsible and prejudiced action in voting to eliminate the Experiment in International Living from the Combined Charities list.

Lloyd I. Rudolph '48 said he plans to address the Council tonight at their meeting in defense of the Experiment as a legitimate charity "since the issue might arise again next year." He is a vice-president of the Experiment Association.

Contacted last night, Council President Richard E. Johnson '53 said the issue of charities may be reopened, depending largely on whether the Charities cards have been printed, and added he is "reasonably sure the permission for Rudolph to speak will be granted by the Council members."

Johnson said the Combined Charities Committee, appointed by the Council, struck the Experiment from their tentative list mainly because the Council had voted to equalize the ratio between national and international charities with a leeway of one charity.

In a letter to the CRIMSON, however, Rudolph said the Council's 7-3-3 vote against the Experiment "had in effect put it off the list. Some members may have been interested only in balancing the card, some in 'getting' the Experiment. The effect of the vote on the Combined Charities Committee was clear; the Experiment had to go.

"It is evident," Rudolph wrote, "that the decisions which resulted in the elimination of the Experiment from the Charities list were made without due regard for the facts and in an atmosphere prejudicial to the Experiment. The question needs full reconsideration."