Police Quash Riot By Closing Gates

Quick action by Yard and Cambridge police prevented several minor fracases from turning into riots over the weekend.

Early Saturday morning, 500 noisy freshman made a rush to the Square from the Yard in what appeared to be the start of a full-scale disturbance. The freshmen, however, found the Yard gates momentarily closed, and were forced to let off steam in the Yard. Police quickly broke up two fights Saturday night.

Probably the most unusual event of the weekend came Saturday when Dartmouth editors printed parodies of the Crime in their Hanover offices and brought them to Cambridge in little brown suitcases. But a CRIMSON operative, dispatched to Hanover last Wednesday to ferret out news of a possible parody, returned with conclusive evidence of the forthcoming fraud. In Saturday's issue of the genuine Crime appeared a story warning readers of the hoax.