Eliot, Bunnies Meet Today For Football Championship

Eliot and Leverett will battle it out for the House football championship this afternoon in what amounts to a miniature Crimson Bowl. The entire Wintergreen starting backfield will be in action for Eliot and four Rinehart ball-carriers will play for Leverett.

The undefeated and untied Elephonts will have John McNamara at fullback with Fred Rhinelander and Hank Greenburg at the halves, and Steve Kurzman at quarterback. Eliot will have four all-star linemon: Bill Gray, Summer White, Whitey, Black, and Luke Lockwood.

The Bunnies, also undefeated but tied by Dunster, will start John Bagsadarian at fullback, halfbacks Sandy Batcheldor and Joe Hindman, and quarter-back Bucky O'Connor. From the Rinehart line they have Buzzy Smith, Dan Tyler, Al Glazer-man, Bob Munro, and Lee Segal.

In yesterday's games Kirkland topped Lowell 13 to 0 and Adams whipped Winthrop 20 to 0.

With this win Kirkland moved into sixth place and Lowell dropped into seventh. Marsh Tutun passed to Stan Appel for one touchdown and Red Brennan raced 70 yards for the other.