Buckley Writes Book 'Evaluating' McCarthy

The author of the highly controversial "God and Man at Yale," William F. Buckley, Jr., Yale '50, will publish an evaluation of McCarthyism.

Buckley is writing the book with Brent Bozell, a senior at Yale Law School.

When asked whether the work would be a defense of McCarthyism, Bozell said, "It will be an examination, but not necessarily a defense. In looking at the ledger so far, however, we've discovered that a great deal of the charges made against Buckley are false. We intend to set the record straight."

The length of the book is undetermined, but the two men are working on alternate chapters. They expect to have seven or eight factual chapters and at least an equal number for evaluation of the facts.

Buckley and Bozell have known each other since their undergraduate days at Yale. They debated together when Buckley was chairman of the Yale Daily News and Bozell was president of Yale's miniature congress, the Political Union.