Charities Figures Lag Behind Goal

For the second successive year the College's Combined Charities Drive fell short of its goal, Chairman Carl M.. Sapers '53 announced last night.

With a few straggling donations still coming in, Sapers said undergraduates contributed $18,000 of the drive's $22,000 goal... This is the largest sum collected since the Drive split with the Council in 1950 and quit soliciting at Registration.

Four Houses topped their goals by at least $50. Lowell led the field with over $2,600, followed by Eliot (over $2,500), Winthrop (over $1,950), and Leverett (over $1,800).

Exact figures on the amounts collected and how they were allocated will not be ready until the treasurer submits his report after Christmas vacation.

The GSAS and the Advanced Management Program, which were canvassed by mail, have not concluded drives for their $3,000 goal.

Sapers estimated the so-called University charities (Harvard Aid to Indonesia, Phillips Brooks House, and the Salzburg Seminar) received far more allocations than in past years, totalling about $6,000.