Frankfurter Will Judge Ames Comp

Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter, former Byrne Professor of Law, will judge the Law School Ames Competition finals in March, the CRIMSON learned yesterday.

On November 12, 67 first-year clubs will open their competition. Each of the 600 men involved will square off against other members of his own club. The Board of Student Advisors, whose office writes and assigns the Ames cases, reported close to 100 percent participation from first-year men.

Competition between the second-year clubs is already under way. Thirty-five clubs have qualified for the eliminations, which precede the finals in the third year.

The Ames clubs are composed mainly of eight men, with a few first-year clubs set up on a 16-man basis. During the third year, the number of clubs is narrowed to two, with a Supreme Court judge traditionally arbitrating the final decision. Justice William O. Douglas judged the finals last year.