The Mail

To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

Mark, Arthur and Archie,

Three good little boys,

All spick-span and starchy,

Came out with their toys--

A rattle, a popgun and five-penny squirt--

They ran to the Common to play with the Dirt.

They rattled the rattle,

They popped-popped the gun,

They squirted the squirt,

They thought it great fun:

But the kids on the Common

Who'd played there before

Thought Mark, Art and Archie

Somewhat of a bore.

Some jeered them, some cuffed them,

Some mudied their clothes,

Their popgun was stolen,

Roughs trod on their toes.

By noon they were sorry

They'd ever left home,

Please God--if they get there--

They'll nevermore roam. "Clammy Ellis" '00