Harvard Iceman Deadlock Boston U. 4-4 in Well-Played Overtime Battle

Crimson Team Has Exceptional Talent

It was a brawl, a circus, a looney-bin, and in the middle of it all, the most spectacular opening game the Crimson has played in five years.

Four thousand people screeched like idiots. A B.U. fan threw his hat at the referee. A Crimson defenseman body-checked the Terrier mascot, disguised as a dog on skates, and knocked him flat on the Arena ice. The band, 11 strong, blew its brains out. A B.U. forward slid into the Crimson cage and had to fight his way out.

And, after ten minutes of sudden-death overtime, the score was still 4 t 4. Neither team could possibly have won.


But the Crimson really didn't have to. Playing its first game against a B.U. squad which was undefeated in two contests, it looked tough, fast, smooth at times, and at other times, great. Only the brilliant play of B.U. center Dick Rodenhiser and goalie Paul Kelley kept the Terriers even.

Even it was, all the way. Boston, the favorites, got two goals in the first period, as the Crimson ground slowly into motion. After Jeff Coolidge, first line defenseman, drove up the center, and slammed in a long screen shot at 15:38, the team began to pick up. It couldn't tie the score, however, until the second session.

At 11:38, Jeb Bray, a minor-sized demon