'Cliffe to Entertain Dates After 10; Field House to Be Open Until 1 a.m.

Radcliffe girls will get a place to take men after 10 p.m., the Student Council decided yesterday. The Field House, formerly used for club meetings, will be open every night from 8 to 1 for students and their dates, effective next term. Graduate students will serve as chaperones.

The decision to open the Field House was made after an overwhelmingly favorable 'Cliffe response to a poll which contained this proposal. The polls showed 163-122 against installing a television set, however.

Snack Bar

A snack bar, operated by students, will serve coffee and doughnuts. Other planned additions are coke and cigarette machines and ping-pong and card tables.

The College has no other place where girls can entertain their dates after 10 p.m.

The new Field House hours may cause a change in dorm rules, which do not allow girls to leave the dorms after 10 p.m. The Board of Hall Presidents will discuss this problem at a meeting next week.

Sleeping Plans Discussed

Plans to publicize sleeping and study rooms in Longfellow Hall were also discussed at the Council meeting. The sleeping room provides cots and alarm clocks for girls who want to rest during the day.

A room for studying, also in Longfellow, is the only place forSunday work open in the College.