Power Lack Blackens Eliot; False Alarm Annoys Adams

Residents of Eliot and Adams Houses were bothered by minor disturbances last night. An overloaded circuit in Eliot blew out about 6:20 p.m. and darkened a large part of the House for more than an hour. Rooms in I, J, K, and L entries were pitchblack, as well as the dining room and basement.

Some House residents dined by candlelight, which illuminated the dining room for a time. Other inconveniences finally forced the early closing of the dining hall, but Eliot residents resorted to facilities in nearby Houses. Eliot men remained calm while searching out rooms with lanterns and candles.

A second incident occurred later in the evening when an unidentified alarm brought four fire trucks screaming to Adams House. The trucks left immediately after discovering that the alram was false.