Sodality Picks Soloist For May 15 Concert

Gilda Hoffman '54 will be soloist with the Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra in its spring concert on May 15. The 18-year-old Saville House pianist won the role with her playing of a Mozart concerto in Paine Hall last Thursday during a special competition sponsored by the Pierian Sodality Orchestra.

The judges, Walter H. Piston '24, Walter W. Naumburg Professor of Music, Allen D. Sapp, Jr., instructor in music, and Russell T. Stanger, conductor of the orchestra, also chose pianist June C. Robert '52 and violinist Barbara Sorenson '52 as alternates.

Others in the competition were Jean W. Lunn '55, soprano; Anthony W. Morss '53, piano; James D. Wood, Sp., clarinet; Nurhan A. Adrian '54 and Shahan A. Adrian '54, piano duo; Jaroslav F. Hulka '52, French horn; Earl C. Ravenal '52 and Sandor S. Shapiro '54, violin duo; Rosemary MacKown '54, piano, and Vernon Head, viola.